We manufactures machinery for precious metal analysis by cupellation method

Analysis laboratory

Refining plants with aqua regia method


Acid fume purification plants for fumes coming from goldsmith production

Fumes purification

Design, construction and repair of gold electrolysis plants

Gold electrolysis

Design, construction and repair of silver electrolysis plants

Silver electrolysis

Production of precious metals recovery plants from waste water and production machinery


Production of waste water purification plants

Water purification

Golden and Silver objects emptying plants


Silver plating bath, thickness or flash gold plating, rhodium plating

Galvanic baths

B.T.T. Company, established in 1979, has been manufacturing goldsmith plant and machinery since that year.

It's a craftsmanlike Company, each work is checked with scrupulous care.

The specialization sector includes:

  • Precious metals recovery
  • Precious metal refining process - gold refining
  • Waste water and fume purification system
  • Suction unit
  • Emptying hood for nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda
  • Silver, gold and rhodium galvanic bath and plasticization
  • Finishing machines

We manufactures gold refining plants with aqua regia method and no limitations about the fineness of gold alloy to be refined. Gold refining plants can be bundled with our fumes purification systems. Before starting the gold refining process you can analyze the alloy in our analysis laboratory

B.T.T. Company designs and manufactures also special machines and plants.

B.T.T. is always present to the International fairs in Vicenza in January, in Basel in April and in Moscow in September.

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